Ashe County Coalition for the Homeless

Officers of the ACCH Board
~ David Blackburn, Chairman
~ Michael Lea, Vice Chairman
~ Lori Watts, Secretary
~ Tommy McClure, Treasurer

Ashe County Homeless


> 1/29/14 - Point-in-Time Count:
   135 Individuals
> 56% are under the age of 17

> 79% are women & children
**The point in time survey is
  conducted each year for a count
  of the homeless for that day in    January.



We welcome your participation through service on a committee and we welcome  your financial assistance.

Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement - To coordinate compassionate services for individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Vision Statement – To prevent and reduce homelessness in Ashe County. 

Definition of Homelessness:  –  Any person or family in financial need and primarily sleeping in a vehicle, porch, tent, emergency shelter, emergency room, 24 hour business,  or other place not meant for permanent human habitation.


Ashe County Partnership for Children ---Ashe Baptist Association
Shelter Baptist Church- Beaver Creek Baptist Church--First Baptist Church
Mt. Jefferson Presbyterian-Hospitality House-A Safe Home for Everyone
Ashe Memorial Hospital- Smoky Mountain LME/MCO 

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